The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented change around the world, where people in many countries are having to spend most of their days in lockdown, with restricted social and economic access.

How Are Apps Being Used In The Fight Against The COVID-19

However, one of the most incredible realizations that has come through during this time is the power of technology to connect us all.

In fact, it is now more than ever that we are able to make use of apps to help us not only manage the spread of the virus but also to keep us mentally and physically healthy.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the various categories of apps that are currently being used in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Types of Apps Being Used In The Fight Against COVID-19

1. Entertainment

For many people who are stuck inside their homes, one of the main concerns they may have is how to pass the time. Thankfully, in a world of seemingly infinite applications, there are many ways to keep busy.

From video calls to exhilarating games, and from reading to watching series and films, there are many ways to stay entertained. While this might not specifically contribute to curbing the spread of COVID-19, they are most certainly helping to keep people busy in their own homes, which can indirectly contribute to social distancing.

Other preexisting apps, like social media applications, have also seen a substantial uptick in usage, which is further evolving the way we use these kinds of tools to stay connected.

2. Physical Health

One disadvantage of having to stay at home is the lack of opportunities it presents for those who love walking, hiking, and going to the gym. While many people may still be allowed to go outside for limited periods, apps that focus on improving physical fitness are contributing to the cause by indirectly helping people to move.

As we’ll touch on in the next point, being able to stay reasonably active during this time also contributes to mental health, so apps that focus on physical fitness not only help to keep people strong physically but also mentally.

In addition to general fitness, apps that focus on physical health can also provide valuable information on how to maintain an overall lifestyle that supports optimal immune function by suggesting healthy eating and sleeping habits.

3. Mental Health

Keeping sane in this challenging time is important, which is why apps that focus on mindfulness and meditation are being used right now to help people stay calm and centered.

Some yoga apps have even made usage free for the length of the pandemic, which may encourage people who had never tried these kinds of practices to give them a go. While some might find any number of other indoor-friendly activities to keep sane, these apps can help serve the greater good by keeping people as calm as possible during a very stressful time.

4. Contact Tracing

Apart from apps people use in lockdown to keep sane and entertained, there are also a number of practical apps that contribute to the medical and research fraternity, in their efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

These include contact tracing apps, which use Bluetooth technology to notify people when they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

By leveraging existing networking and hardware technology, this allows smartphones to share information anonymously, and provide further information about what to do if you have come into contact with someone with the virus.

The technology is still being developed but could prove to be very useful in the months ahead, as it provides a simple way to contain the spread of the virus while allowing the economy to keep going.

5. Symptom Tracking

In addition to contact tracing, symptom tracking apps are also being developed to help better understand the spread of the virus, through apps that allow people to track their symptoms over time, even if they don’t contract COVID-19.

This data allows health professionals to pick up on trends, and to see where the spread of the virus is concentrated so that they can target medical resources on these hotspots and understand where to tighten lockdowns where necessary.

Thinking about the potential of data like this on a global scale, there could certainly be some very helpful insights from these applications to help manage all kinds of diseases, now and in the future.

Final Thoughts on Apps Being Used in the Fight Against COVID-19

In the article above, we have explored some of the most well-known apps being used in the fight against Coronavirus, both directly and indirectly.

While contact tracing and symptom tracking apps have come under fire for privacy concerns, they do offer great potential to help manage the disease over time, especially as the focus switches to boosting the economy in these challenging times.

Overall, it’s heartening to know that there are many apps that can help us get through this, whether they are helping to keep us entertained and sane, or helping to provide valuable data for the benefit of us all in the fight against COVID-19.