Honolulu- Hawaii’s governor will be meeting with a series of government organizations, to find a better protection for endangered animal species, the reunion will take place in Honolulu.

According to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), the state has over 10,000 animal species that are nowhere else on earth.  The DLNR is responsible for the administering over Hawaii’s public lands and wildlife.

Green turtles are commonly observed at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. Credit: Wikipedia.

However, since the state has precious endangered species, Hawaii’s governor David Ige will be hosting a two day workshop to understand in a better way, how to protect the endangered animals.

The idea of the meeting was originally from Wyoming’s governor Matt Mead, who has a pro-animal initiative called  “Species Conservation and Endangered Species Act” the activity was first announced when Mead was chair of the organization.

The workshop will figure  officials from the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources, California Natural Resources Agency, National Oceanic and atmospheric Administration and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The workshop

The main focus of the meeting is to understand, in a better way, how to help Hawaii’s endangered species but maintaining local business in the state.

One of the first topic in the meeting will be the eradication of invasive species in all of the states, incorporating more climate change awareness into their campaigns and the protection of marine life while not damaging fishermen and fish-related businesses.

“This workshop itself really does make sense to be hosted in Hawaii. We have more endangered species here in our island than any other state in the country”. Said David Ige, Hawaii’s governor.

The meeting will be the last of four workshops held across the country, to then develop plans and time lines to map out plans to protect the endangered in their respective states.

In mid June, the governors will meet again to discuss the results from the plans made post-meeting. According to Joe Rassenfoss  the communications director for the Western Governor’s Association.

Another subject on Hawaii’s gov. Plan is to meet with U.S. government representative to focus on specific species instead of just the general picture, so associations can focus better in the protection of specific animals.

Source: Washington Post