Google has finally explained the origin of the audio problem that many Google Pixel’s users are experimenting. The issue seems to be the cause of a hardware error, and a huge build of Google smartphones is affected by it.

In late November, several Google Pixel users reported to Google Product Forum a problem in which both smartphones models, regular Pixel and Pixel XL, were presenting in different world areas. After this initial report, more and more users posted their comments saying that the audio speaker was, in fact, not working as expected.

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A Youtuber published a video in December demonstrating that both Pixel models were presenting sort of a crackling sound every time the user forced the phone’s speaker volume limit. This same problem continues even when the headphones are connected to the smartphone.

Both the Google company and the smartphone owners were expecting that this audio problem was a simple software issue that could be repaired with a quick patch that could avoid the mentioned sound. However, according to a recent mail sent by Google, the problem seems to be a hardware error, meaning that its repair is considerably more challenging.

The hardware problem and its complications

The information regarding the location of the speaker problem presented in Pixel models was confirmed via an email exchange that a customer had with the Google Store Support team.

Also, in those emails sent by Google, it was demonstrated how Google did not plan any refunding regarding the audio problem. However, they are offering warranty replacements for affected users.

The fact that the speaker problem is a hardware one makes the picture very difficult for Google. Now, the smartphones will have to be replaced with fully functional models. This opposite to the other scenario where it was a software problem and its solution was pretty simple.

The other aspect that complicates the issue, even more, is that Google has not announced which Pixel’s builds are the ones affected by this hardware problem. This misinformation makes possible that a user demands an exchange of its damaged phone and the new model could also have the hardware error.

This body of events for Google comes at a bad time as the overall reviews of its Google Pixel were being tremendous. According to specialized critic, the Android system, velocity and camera made the Pixel a fantastic phone and even “one of the best Android phones” currently in the market.

Both models use a 2.15 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip and an Adreno 530 GPU, ergo, some of the strongest hardware equipment for a phone. The Pixels use Android Nougat and have 4 GB of RAM, with either 32 or 128 GB of internal storage.

Both phones have an impressive 12.3-megapixel back camera that can record 4Kvideos while it features an 8-megapixel camera in the front that can record in 1080p.

Google Pixel and iPhone: similarities

When the Google Pixel was introduced to the world, the tech community was thrilled of receiving the first Google-only smartphone brand. However, distinct tech experts said that the Google Pixel was a clear rip off iPhones design.

“Google’s Pixel smartphone is practically a carbon copy of Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Take an iPhone, slap a big weird glass plate on the back, move the fingerprint scanner from beneath the display to the back of the phone, and you’re pretty much left with a Google Pixel,” tech journalist Zach Epstein from GBR wrote in an article last December.

Pretty much the same critics were held about the HTC One A9s. Its similarity with the iPhone 6 was undoubted. According to some smartphone experts, it is for users that love the iPhone unique design but prefer Android operative system.

However, it seems that the design is not the only thing that Google “ripped off” from Apple’s iPhone. In fact, both models (the Pixel and the iPhone 6) have the same problem that is affecting and angering many users across the world: the battery life.

Curiously, is not the usual battery problem in which the energy consumption is very fast. In this case, the issue is that the phone is shutting down like if the battery is empty but, users can see how the device shows that the battery has 30% or so.

Apple has announced that they are working on the subject and that it can be solved in upcoming software updates. However, according to some users, there have been several patches that have not fixed the problem and that it has gotten worse.

In the case of Google Pixel, it was reported by Reddit that some users were experiencing a similar problem that iPhone users. Supposedly, users could watch how the phone shows 30% battery life as it shuts down immediately.

Google has been contacted concerning this issue but has not responded to any news agency. This battery problem is not new, as some users of Google Nexus’ 6P have reported the same failure.

Source: Tech Times