A campaign trailer has been published by Bethesda Softworks, an American video game publisher, where it announces the release of the game DOOM, which will be officially launched on May 13 of 2016.

The video game was first released in 1993. It consists on a first-person shooter that fights the forces of Hell. It focuses on an unidentified space marine who operates under the auspices of the Union Aerospace Corporation and fights demons and the undead in order to survive.

Image: GameSpot
Image: GameSpot

Bethesda is releasing a new DOOM Collector’s Edition that contains a 12-inch-tall statue of the fearsome Revenant made from high-quality PVC.

First introduced in Doom II, this creature is a monster that was originally a demon. After it dies, it is picked up by higher forces, they dust him off, wire him some combat gear, and send him back into battle. The Revenant stands on a base-lit turbine that slowly rotates internally, casting a flickering glow. It was modeled using actual in-game 3D files.

Doom Collector’s Edition will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox and will cost $120. Those who pre-order will receive the Demon Multiplayer Pack, which includes exclusive multiplayer items like a demon armor set with three skin variations, six metallic paint colors and three ID logo patterns for weapons and armor, and a set of six Hack Modules.

Source: New Game Network