The health expert proudly recommends investing in nutrition during the coming twelve months.

Darrin Eakins Champions the Importance of Nutrition in 2022

A disabled orthopedic surgeon from Wilmington, North Carolina, Darrin Eakins is a general authority on sports medicine, injury prevention, and health and nutrition. With millions of people across the country currently committed to various New Year’s resolutions, he is keen to stress the importance of nutrition now more so than ever.

“It’s that time of the year when millions of us resolve to embrace healthier lifestyles,” says North Carolina native Darrin Eakins, speaking from his home in the New Hanover County city of Wilmington. He often suggests that people’s New Year’s resolutions revolve around fitness and nutrition.

According to the expert, optimum nutrition—and all that comes with it—has never been more important. “In light of ongoing global events, we all must take care of our health,” he suggests. “Very often, nutrition is central to this,” says the disabled orthopedic surgeon, “so investing in what we put into our bodies is of the utmost importance.”

Thankfully, it needn’t be an expensive proposition either, according to the expert. “Investing time in researching the importance of nutrition is just as critical as actually spending money on groceries,” he explains. In fact, by also committing to shopping locally, it’s often possible to save money while simultaneously eating more healthily, Darrin Eakins reports.

“Opting for local produce when it comes to things like fruit and vegetables is a great way to eat healthily,” Eakins explains. “It’s also possible to save money by doing so,” the expert continues, “while helping to protect the environment simultaneously by reducing the distance that food needs to travel from farm to table.”

For anyone still searching for a New Year’s resolution for 2022, he recommends making a commitment to healthier eating and nutrition. “It’s something that all of us can do,” he adds, wrapping up, “and represents a real investment in the future, not just on an individual basis, but more broadly speaking, too.”

Introducing former surgeon Darrin Eakins

Darrin Eakins is a former surgeon focused on sports medicine, injury prevention, and health and nutrition. Since sustaining severe wrist and shoulder injuries in a mountain biking accident almost 15 years ago, he has been prevented from operating. Circumstances have subsequently seen the disabled orthopedic surgeon gravitate toward numerous other fields of interest, both professionally and personally.

These interests include the tennis, badminton, and table tennis hybrid, known as pickleball, as well as painting, fishing, and stock market investing. He also maintains an interest in the latest orthopedic surgery innovations.

After graduating from university in the top ten percent of his class, Eakins went on to undertake an orthopedic surgery residency in Portland, Oregon. He did so as a part of Oregon Health & Science University’s residency scheme before rapidly establishing himself in his chosen field.

Born in North Carolina and raised in Texas, Darrin Eakins has also spent time living in Colorado and Florida in recent years. Further to his passion for medicine, sports, art, fishing, and investing, Tar Heel State native Darrin enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time socializing with members of his local pickleball team.