Virginia – The latest ComScore report on key trends for the US smartphone market in July 2015, revealed that Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Youtube are the most downloaded apps in the digital market. ComScore is an Internet analytics Virginia-based company that provides marketing data and analytics to many of the world’s largest publishers, agencies and enterprises.

The report looks at Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) top apps and platforms, which reveals key trends. Facebook was the most downloaded app with over 1 billion installs on mobile devices, which demonstrates how social media continues to lead the market.

Credit: iMedia Connection
Credit: iMedia Connection


Facebook Messenger surpassed Youtube and gained the second place as the most downloaded app, according to the report. As for Google’s Youtube it stood at third place, and Maps at eighth. As for Apple, if it can convert even a small number of its regular app users to Apple Music subscriptions, it can match and pass Spotify’s 20 million subscribers.

Moreover, the report also showed that 40% of all US cellular customers used Pandora, an Internet radio app, during July.

However, it was surprising that the report didn’t include WhatsApp in its 15 most downloaded apps list, considering that the instant messaging service announced that it has 900 million monthly active users.

Total U.S. Smartphone Mobile Media Users.

Furthermore, iOS marketshare in the USA increased by 1.1%, raising from 43.1% in April to 44.2% in July. While there are some modest shifts in share the positions of Apple, Google and Microsoft’s operating systems are remain mostly unchanged from last month.

Source: ComScore