Managed service providers (MSPs) face a series of unique challenges that often require purpose-built solutions. Without enough time in the day to get everything done and with growing cyber threats, MSPs are increasingly worried about two main things: efficiency and cyber resilience. In order to best serve its customers, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola believes MSPs can get more done with less, while being protected against sophisticated threat actors.

CEO Fred Voccola’s Two Main Priorities for Building Kaseya in the Future: Efficiency and Resilience

Most software providers do not serve MSPs as their primary market, so they have had to make the best out of technology that traditionally is not designed for their specific needs. Fred Voccola, who joined Kaseya in 2015, set out to change that by building purpose-built, cost-effective technological solutions for both MSPs and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). That technology specifically addresses the key challenges that MSPs face, which in turn, has helped Kaseya MSPs be the fastest-growing and most profitable in the industry.

The main challenges faced by MSPs are vendor fatigue, lack of technician efficiency, limited software utilization, and tight budgets. Most MSPs have to deal with at least 17 vendors and products that are not workflow integrated. Additionally, they may not be using their tools at maximum capacity and constrained budgets can also pose limitations. As Kaseya CEO, Voccola oversaw the design of one of the most complete solutions in the market for MSPs, at a fraction of the price. The platform is called IT Complete and it’s been recognized for redefining the technological resiliency of MSPs – technicians who use it reclaim about 25% of their time.

Everything an MSP needs across IT and security management comes together in this integrated platform. It accounts for enhanced cybersecurity; monitoring and managing all systems and servers, both local and remote; handling the compliance of a business; and ensuring networks are running optimally. Also, everything is available in a single pane of glass so there is a common look and feel across the platform and technicians do not have to bounce back and forth between solutions.

As demand for information technology, and associated costs, continue to steadily rise, it’s important to offer software that allows technicians to be both efficient and cyber-resilient. This can be accomplished by streamlining daily tasks and processes to create a more efficient, scalable, and profitable business.

Information technology is the backbone of any business, whether it’s an SMB or a large corporation. Through decades of innovation and forward-thinking, modern IT has empowered organizations by automating processes – which has led to setting bigger objectives, generating increased revenue, and propelling overall efficiency and resilience. Kaseya is at the forefront of this digital transformation, enterprising technology that allows MSPs to grow and be the best in the business.