Adobe and Microsoft are teaming up to improve modern workflows and solve the challenges of hybrid working. At the recent annual Microsoft Build 2022 conference, the tech giant revealed exciting new integrations for some of its most popular tools, such as Power Automate and Microsoft Teams, as well as Adobe’s, and PDF editors. In the past, the two companies have together aimed to deliver “the most modern work experience, centered on technology that enhances teamwork, collaboration, and efficiencies”, and now they intend to create “all-in-one, digital experiences to where people already work, like Microsoft.”

Adobe And Microsoft Team Up On Document Experiences

Acrobat for Teams

The integration between Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Teams now means Acrobat documents can easily be read, edited, converted, and signed on Teams. Acrobat for Teams also now features Single Sign-On, a secure authentication method, as well as a personalized homepage for easy file access. Moreover, Acrobat Sign for Teams also offers these same features, so users can effortlessly sign documents through Teams notifications — there’s no need for them to interrupt their workflow.

Power Automate integrations

Microsoft’s Power Automate (software that lets users build automated processes) will now also be directly available in Acrobat Sign, so users are free to automate workflows and audit e-signatures. Additionally, Adobe Experience Manager Forms can also connect with Power Automate to automatically complete actions. Moreover, Microsoft 365 now also has a handy search function for agreement tasks — users no longer need to switch between apps to check signature statuses, which therefore improves efficiency and saves time. Acrobat and Acrobat Sign add-ins can also now be packaged to Microsoft’s Office software, including Outlook and Word, to make these new integrations as smooth as successful as possible for users. A popular word processing software, Word is estimated to be running on a staggering one billion devices worldwide. From creating text documents to editing and formatting, Word has plenty of functionalities and is easy to use. For example, Word Online change language instructions simply involve selecting a new language in the “language” section. Users can then change the authoring language, as well as the document’s display language.

Protecting sensitive data

Compliance laws are increasingly complex, and businesses must stay vigilant of new and emerging risks. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Purview Information Protection is already available to help organizations protect and track sensitive information no matter its location. And, now, Purview Information Protection can easily integrate with Adobe Acrobat PDFs, so only approved users can access the documents.

“Through the deeper integrations between Adobe and Microsoft that we’ve announced today, we continue to innovate to elevate today’s agile and rapidly evolving workforce,” said Ashley Still, Adobe’s SVP of Digital Media. Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Business Apps & Platform at Microsoft, echoes these sentiments, stating the two companies are “delivering advanced workflow capabilities through Power Automate and Acrobat Sign that will give our joint customers a better way to get things done”. And Adobe is promising more to come – including FedRAMP Moderate authorization for government officials, which “extends e-signatures to highly sensitive processes.”