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5 Tips to Write the Best Essay

So, you are going to write an A-graded essay but you don’t know where you should start first, right? It’s common and this is not a problem. We are here to help. You have to start with thoughts about how you help others with understanding something new and what aspect of the topic you would like to introduce. Try to concretize your topic to work with only one aspect of it. Like “Cooking Lasagna at home” not just “Cooking.” So, any person who takes a short look at the naming gets a clear vision of what you are going to talk about. It is important not to disappoint a reader.

You can get your topic assigned directly from your teacher or professor. It’s okay. There’s not much space for maneuvering, but it’s acceptable anyway. There are other cases. A professor can accept your idea for a topic. So, this can add some extra points to your final grade because you work like a smart guy, reading some materials and picking something interesting to research.

The last case is when some topics are signed for a class. So, hurry to pick the best one.

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Manage your layout

It’s time to make a decision about the layout. If you have an essay with 500-1000 words, there should be three paragraphs or so. If it’s a little one, you can work with one or two paragraphs. You have to expect to write up to 75% of the word volume in them. The rest should be split into two parts an intro and a conclusion. You may be asked to manage a list of sources that were used in the work.

Write an intro

A well-written intro should intrigue a reader to keep working with your paper. So, start from your idea and vision about the topic and how it can be improved or researched. Then, slowly go to the goals which you are going to achieve in this essay. Write all of them down and pick the best three of them. This will be enough. Then provide some details about the materials and papers you are going to work on in the essay.

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Time to cook the best text with crucial details

Start working with the body text by writing your ideas, statements, and claims supporting them with arguments, facts, and quotations. There’s a list of advice prepared for you:

  • Try to be as informative as possible.
  • Provide only the best claims and statements.
  • Share not only information that supports your idea but also add the one that critiques your idea. This shows a reader diversity of your thoughts.
  • Try to keep a word volume well split between paragraphs in order not to rewrite them.
  • Use citations every single time you pick someone’s ideas. Don’t just copy them blindly but provide them with your advice, explanations, and ideas.
  • If your essay is needed, you can draw pictures, add them from the file, or just draw a diagram. Some people accept information visually.
  • Seek more academic papers to be sure that your topic is covered fully and readers will be interested to keep writing it.
  • Manage your work formation in the style of MLA, APA, or Chicago. You can ask your professor which one should be used.
  • Don’t try to finish your papers in several hours. This will lead to many logical and grammatical mistakes.
  • Spend at least several hours finding mistakes and removing them. You will be able to increase the final grade a bit.

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Finish the essay

You are going to the conclusion of the essay. Start with several phrases that will focus on your idea and if it’s good to go for future research. Make sure that you mention all goals which you could reach. This shows the relevance of the essay. Add some extra sentences about the most important academic papers that influenced you much. In the end, share ideas about how your topic can be researched in the future and which aspects will be better for this.

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