In today’s world, it is hard to imagine your life devoid of digital advancements. From your laptop to your smartwatches, everything is sleep, sharp, and a smart screen. These bright screens may be intelligent and responsive, but they do not mean well for our eyes.

5 Simple Steps To Maintaining Healthy And Bright Eyes

Our work requires us to keep staring blank into these screens, and in our spare time, most of us stare dead into our phones. All this exposure to harmful blue rays, emitted by these screens is setting our eyes up for some old-age trouble. Why even think of the old age problems, you would have already noticed that the number of people wearing vision-correcting glasses or lenses has gone up.

More people complain of dry, itchy, and paining eyes now than ever. With old age, these problems are only going to get worse as your eyes naturally start losing their tenacity and strength. However, there is a list of few tips to follow that can ensure that your eyes remain healthy and bright despite the avid exposure to digital gadgets.

1. Eye exercise:

Take a pencil and hold it at the tip of your nose. Now, bring the pencil closer towards your forehead, while ensuring that it remains in between both the eyes. As you move the pencil gradually, your eyes should remain focused on the pencil’s tip. These movements need to be practiced for 15 minutes daily.

Such exercises not only help you strengthen your eye muscles, but also provide you with a much-needed break from your screens. You could alternatively also practice clockwise, and anti-clockwise eye rolls 10 minutes a day. The idea behind any pupil movement is to allow some workout for these delicate organs.

2. Sleep on time:

It is only when we sleep that our eyes get proper rest. So, it would help if you aimed for a deep sleep of a minimum of 7 hours daily. While you are at correcting your sleeping regime, you could also start with maintaining sleep hygiene properly. Sleep hygiene includes switching your mobile off an hour before going to bed. It also includes fixing particular hours for sleeping. Things like these could significantly facilitate a regular and rich sleeping routine.

3. Balanced diet:

Much like any other parts of your body, your eyes too depend on the richness of your food to get proper nutrition. Instead of focusing on tasty oil junk, your diet should have all the nutrients your body needs and in ample amounts. It would help if you also drank lots of water to facilitate oil formation and tear production in your eyes, which is necessary to keep our eyeballs lubricated and hydrated.

4. Consult an eye specialist:

It isn’t enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should also see an eye specialist every few months. Doctors could help you monitor your eye health’s progress and downfalls, while even suggesting remedial efforts to counter existing problems. Click here!

5. Reduce screen time:

Nothing works quite as much as reducing the exposure to blue lights’ harmful emissions. It would help if you aimed only to use your digital screens when you need them.

Other than these measures, it would help if you also tried to find out everything that can be done to protect these delicate organs. We would recommend running them by your eye specialist before you start with their practice.

We hope the article has helped you understand what is harming your eyes and how can it be removed from your lifestyle for healthier and brighter eyes. Take care of your eyes and yourself!