If you’re working from home, looking to sneak in some extra reps in your day, or going to the gym feels like too much of a challenge, you can get a full-body workout without leaving home. Let Ilija Jahura guide you through some fitness expert-approved workouts that require zero extra equipment that you can start adding to your routine.

3 Equipment-Free Workouts to Help Build Muscle from Ilija Jahura

The Plank

You’ve likely heard of or done a plank at least once in your life, but many are unaware of the power planking regularly can give you. To perform a plank correctly, you’ll want your body nearly parallel to the floor with your stomach facing down.

You can plank on your elbows or hands, but your torso will be elevated off the ground. It’s similar to a push-up, but you’ll hold yourself in that position instead of moving up and down.

The plank is the ultimate equipment-free exercise you could be doing right now! It’s a fantastic bodyweight exercise for your core, making it an excellent choice for anyone hoping to target their abs, obliques, and glutes.

Planks are beneficial for strength and cardio training and are commonly found in yoga. The best part is that they’re approachable and have countless other benefits, such as improving your posture, flexibility, and coordination.

The Burpee

You could argue that burpees could be a tough sell for anyone newer to working out, but they don’t require any equipment.

Stand with your arms at your side. Squat and reach your arms forward and place your hands on the floor. Jump your legs straight behind you, so you’re in a high plank. You can add a push-up here if you’re looking to feel the burn.

Jump your feet back towards your hands, so you’re back in the squat. Then jump in the air, reaching your arms over your head.

The burpee’s difficulty is also its superpower. It’s an exercise that works out your glutes, core, hamstrings, and arms. Additionally, it’s a form of cardio and strength training, so it’s an insanely effective, even time-saving full-body exercise you can do at home.

The Squat

If we focus more on the lower half of the body, the squat works the largest muscles in your body – the calves, glutes, and quads. To do a squat with good form, clasp your hands in front of your body or send them straight out in front of you. Sit down, but not back, and hold. Go back to standing, and that’s one rep.

Squats are incredible for improving your overall strength, and there are many variations to keep you and your muscles engaged. They can also improve knee stability and strengthen the bones and ligaments in your legs.

And much like the plank, it’s super easy for you to jump in and get started with a squat routine. If you haven’t added squats to your at-home workout routine, today’s the day!

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