Since this Tuesday, any Android user can know where to find Santa Claus when asking the Google Assistant simply “Where is Santa?” or “Track Santa.”

With the new Google Assistant App update, any Android user can enjoy a little holiday fun brought by Google. The fun doesn’t end with Santa’s location. While the user is waiting for the presents to arrive, they can ask the Assistant for Santa to tell a joke. The person just has to say “tell me a Santa joke” or “Santa joke,” for Santa to entertain the user with clever puns.

Image Credit: Android Gadget Hacks

There are several ways to enjoy this holiday innovation and it depends on what apps a person has on their phone along with what phone it is. If a user already has Google Allo, when they ask Google Assistant about Santa’s location, the assistant automatically will give the user a link to play Santa Tracker.

The Santa Tracker game is on the official Santa Tracker website presented by Google. In this web page, any person can play different games that are set in the North Pole and Christmas themes in general. All of this if the Santa tracking was made from Google Allo, because the Pixel version of the Google Assistant will only give textual information regarding Santa’s location.

This is the sixth year in a row that Google helps in the mission of tracking Santa’s location. Since 2010, the tech company has partnered with the North American Aerospace Defense Command in order to define the location of Santa Claus. Any person can look at the journey of the bearded man on their phones, tablets or PC through the Google Maps platform or the Google Earth plug-in.

Google also offers entertainment to the Jewish public

In case any person doesn’t feel excited while playing with Santa-themed games and features, Google offers the “spin the dreidel” mode. In this opportunity, if you ask the Google Assistant to spin the dreidel, it will virtually spin like the already existing coin flipping Google feature does. Then, it will randomly tell the user what side they got (Nun, Gimel, Hey, or Shin), along with the meaning of each side regarding the rules of the game.

The Google Assistant app keeps adding very useful features for persons to enjoy. Until this date, the application allows the controlling of Google Cast and other devices, the possibility of engaging in lost-lasting conversations and even the delivering of commands when the phone doesn’t have an available connection, while in that case, the answer will come when there is one.

The voice recognition field has been one of the priorities for tech companies this year. Amazon had been working significantly in the development of Amazon Echo, Microsoft presented their new set of features for Cortana assistant, and even Facebook could enter in the Artificial Intelligence voice recognition groundwork.

Source: Life Hacker