The first online casino was launched by the InterCasino brand as far back as 1996. Since those early days, the popularity of playing at an online casino has grown dramatically.

The Rise of the Online Casino in Entertainment

Players across the globe enjoy this type of entertainment whether they are spinning the reels at a netticasino (online casino in Finland) or playing poker at a казино (casino in Russia). Such is the popularity of online casino play that globally the online gambling market value is expected to reach USD 59.6 billion in 2020. Let’s look more closely at the phenomenon of online casinos as entertainment and why they are so popular.

Online casinos as entertainment

Recently, the worlds of TV, film, and casino play have merged somewhat. Popular TV series like Game of Thrones and South Park, and film franchises like Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park, and Iron Man, have been used as the themes for online slot machines.

This is a development that has proven to be popular with players. This is because it gives them the opportunity to interact with their favorite characters in a way that they have never done before. Every spin that a player completes is almost like part of a story. The enjoyment of this entertainment should always be more important than the potential to win because winning large amounts of money does not happen very often.

This type of online casino play appeals to a wide range of different people; as does the excitement of playing at the roulette wheel or enjoying a hand of poker. Anyone can enjoy this type of entertainment without ever having to leave home.

Live casino content online has further broadened the entertainment that is available. It gives people who may feel daunted by visiting a brick and mortar casino the opportunity to try out the games first, with a live dealer present.

Why online casinos are so popular

It’s clear that online casino play is an important form of modern entertainment. In fact, it’s often listed in the top ten types of entertainment online. So, why is this the case? What makes online casinos so popular?

One of the biggest factors in this is technology. The more advanced that technology becomes, the better the online casino experience gets. This means that there are now hundreds of different games to enjoy; more than in most land-based casinos.

It’s not just the number of games that are important either. Advanced connectivity now means that the standard of playing experience is better than it’s ever been.

Another important factor in the rise of online casinos as a form of entertainment is the growth of smartphone use. There are around 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world and many of them use their smartphone for gaming. This has led to an opportunity for online casino brands.

They have started to ensure that their web content is mobile friendly. Many of them have also developed apps which players can download to their smartphone or another mobile device. This gives online casino fans a whole new level of convenience. They can play their favorite games wherever they are, in much the same way as they can watch video content or stream music. This means that online casino play has become an integral part of the mobile entertainment experience.

The female factor

The world of online casinos as entertainment has also benefited from the growth of female interest. Around 50% of the gambling population in countries like the UK is made up of women. Some online casino sites are even designed with women in mind.

Many women prefer to play slot machines and table games in this way, rather than visit a brick and mortar. They prefer to enjoy entertainment in the privacy of their own home. They often also make use of the chat facilities that many casinos and bingo sites provide, as a means of social interaction.

In summary

Online casinos have come a long way since they were first launched back in 1996. They are now seen as a major form of online entertainment which often links with other forms of entertainment in terms of theme and background. Given the current figures for online casino use, it seems as though this type of entertainment will continue to flourish.