Gambling is a hobby looked down upon fondly by generations of all ages.

The Best Gambling Games Of 2020

Having become easier than ever for Americans to engage in thanks to recent legislation changes, many people are now flocking towards casinos to get their taste of the action.

Even if you have been gambling for some time, however, knowing what the best games to play are isn’t always an easy task.

This is why we have compiled this list of the best gambling games of 2020 to provide you with a starting place for when you start or continue gambling this year.


Roulette is one of the original gambling games, having been loved and adapted by people all across the world for many centuries.

If you’ve ever visited a casino or watched a movie featuring one, you’ll know that the main feature of this game is the roulette wheel.

The dealer will usually spin the wheel in a clockwise position, and then rolls the ball in the opposite direction on the outer circular track.

When the wheel slows down, the ball will roll downwards until it finally lands on one of the wheel’s pockets.

If the ball is stopped on the number or color that you bet on, then you will have won your bet.

Some people who gamble do give this game a bad name, but that’s largely due to having a limited understanding of the right strategies to play.

If you want a comprehensive guide to give you a good chance of winning from the get-go, Gambler’s Digest has the perfect how-to guide for beginners.


Blackjack is the perfect game for social gamblers who are familiar with card games, whether that be through growing up with them or viewing tutorials online.

In this game, all cards count for their face value in blackjack, and suites are irrelevant. If you have a picture card, it’s worth 10, and ace cards can count as 1 or 11.

After you have placed your bet at the start of the game, the dealer will give two cards to players and two to himself.

It’s then up to players to decide whether to stand, hit, surrender, double down, or split. The dealer will be the last to decide and must hit on 16 or less and stand on 17 to 21.

You will win the game if your hand totals higher than the dealer’s hand, or you have 21 or less when the dealer exceeds 21.

As you can probably imagine, this game has lower house odds than most other games in the casino, so it’s a great option if you’re limited on gambling funds.

Slot Games

Slot machines were once the worst part of brick and mortar casinos, collecting dust in the corner while people gravitated towards table games.

This seems to have changed in recent years, with more than 70 percent of casino revenue comes from slot machines alone.

Many will also admit that these machines are the first thing they visit in an in-person casino as a warm-up for more established gambling games.

One of the greatest things about slot machines is that they are extremely varied, with each having slightly different rules and payment schemes.

The most popular games are penny and nickel video games, but there are also quarter and dollar reel-spinning games available.

Despite this uptake in popularity, however, one of the most popular ways to enjoy slot games is through online casinos.

They are quick to play, allowing people to receive almost instant gratification when they win money, and can often be a warm-up for visiting a real-life casino.

If you’re looking to visit an online casino for slot games, check out this list of the best online casino slot games to find the right one for you.

Texas Hold‘Em

Texas Hold’Em is another card-based game that is extremely popular on tables at brick and mortar casinos and online versions.

This game is slightly longer than a lot of other gambling games as it consists of several rounds, and is best for extroverted players due to the level of social interaction.

To begin this game, players receive two down cards as their hands before a round of betting takes place.

Three board cards are then turned at the same time, and another round of betting occurs.

This continues for two rounds, where instead of three board cards just one is drawn per round followed by a round of betting.

After this has been completed, a player can use as many of the board cards as they want to create a winning combination, which is the player with the highest five-card hand.

In the case of a draw, the total betting pot is split evenly between the players with the winning hands.

Online Live Dealer Games

If you want to engage in the social side of gambling without having to visit a casino in person, online live dealer games are one of the best ways to do this.

These games will usually be one room or a series of rooms on an online casino website that provide you with an authentic experience close to being in a real-life casino.

The casino table will be positioned so that it looks like you’re sitting in front of it, with the dealer on the other side playing in real-time.

On this table, you will have the cards, chips or other game pieces available to you, and only you can see what these are.

This type of gambling is becoming a lot more popular in the online world, with many websites now providing multiple options across the most popular table-based casino games.

If you want to try this form of gaming out and want to know where the best place to start out is, check out OnlineCasinoGem’s list of the best live dealer games to choose from.


It’s clear to see there’s no shortage of good gambling games in 2020, with the hardest part is deciding where to start.

If you’re more social, card games or online dealer games are probably your best bet, while games like roulette and slot games are better for more introverted players.

Whatever you choose, however, you’re guaranteed to have fun by starting with one of the five games on our list.