According to a new study, scientists are trying to explain why heterosexual women tend to have fewer orgasms than men, lesbians, and gays. They want to know what women can do to reach climax with more frequency. The study findings were published in the Journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Scientists analyzed the “orgasm gap” in a nationwide study, looking for several aspects beyond gender that include the sexual orientation, the duration of the last sexual encounters and the health of the relationship. The study included around 52,000 people, and as expected, straight men admitted they tend to have orgasms almost every time they have sex.

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Sexual orientation plays an important role when it comes to orgasms

Previous research has shown that men tend to have more orgasms than women. However, a group of scientists from the Chapman University wanted to study different aspects, besides gender, to analyze this “orgasm gap.”

The study was focused on a sample of 52,000 people with ages ranging between 18 and 65. 26,000 participants identified themselves as heterosexual men, 550 said they were bisexual men, and 452 said they preferred the company of men.

Out of the 52,000 participants, 24,000 were females who identified themselves as heterosexual. 1,112 stated that they enjoy the company of both men and women, and 340 were lesbian.

The scientists asked the participants questions regarding the frequency in which they had orgasms and intercourse during the last month.

As well, scientists asked how often the participants engaged in oral sex, how opened they were when talking about sex with sexual partners, the duration of their sexual encounters and how healthy their relationships is.

Men tend to climax every time they have sex

According to the scientists, sexual orientation has a lot to do with the frequency of orgasms. According to the results of the nationwide study, men are likely to climax with more frequency than straight women, gays, bisexual and lesbians.

95 percent of heterosexual men reported having orgasms every time they had intercourse. Gay men came in second place with 89 percent of them saying that they reach climax when having sex, and 88 percent of bisexual reported the same thing.

In the female groups, the lesbians are the ones who admitted reaching climax more frequently. 89% of them reported doing so, while they were followed by 66 percent of bisexual women.

Surprisingly, straight women were the less likely to reach climax when having sex. Researchers consider that lesbians have a better understanding of how the different behaviors in bed influence the quality and frequency of orgasms.

“The fact that lesbian women orgasmed more often than heterosexual women indicates that many heterosexual women could experience higher rates of orgasm.” read the study.

Things women can do to boost their chances of having orgasms

However, the research showed that the orgasm gap could be reduced. Most heterosexual women said they needed more than penetration sex to climax.

The study stated that oral sex, along with other activities are of particular importance during sexual relations for heterosexual women, lesbians, bisexuals and gay men. The pattern was of no concern for straight men.

Other behaviors that were linked to a greater chance of orgasms in women were: asking for what they like in bed, wearing sexy lingerie, trying new sexual positions, praising their partners for what they did in bed, talking and performing sexual fantasies, sexy conversations during sex.

Researchers also admitted that other things might also explain the orgasm gap between men and women. For example, there is a stigma against women expressing fully their sexual desire which hampers sexual discovery. As well, they said that most men think that female orgasms are possible only through penetration.

Moreover, there is an evolutionary aspect regarding the different purpose of orgasms for men and women. For men, orgasm is about ejaculating to ensure reproduction. However, for women orgasms allow them to create a bond with a long-term romantic partner.

“About 30% of men actually think that intercourse is the best way for women to have orgasm, and that is sort of a tragic figure because it couldn’t be more incorrect,” said co-author of the research Elisabeth Lloyd, a professor of biology at Indiana University and author of The Case of the Female Orgasm.

It was reported that only 35 percent of women tend to orgasm with penetration alone while 44 percent of them said that they never did. For men, things like saying “I love you” or changing the sexual position play a little role when it comes to reaching climax.

While for women, it has a lot to do with those things. There is a lot to be done about education, according to Lloyd. Another question was raised during the survey, and it has to do with how much both women and men desire to orgasm.

Source: The Guardian