Radical changes are being made to the Playboy Magazine, since the company just unveiled its new issue, featuring no fully nude photos.

The latest issue highlights are Sarah McDaniel and Dree Hemingway. Playboy’s new strategy appears to be targeted to a much younger and conservative audience, while showing no nudity for the first time ever since the 50’s.

“I know I speak for all involved when I say that creating this new Playboy Magazine has been a labor of love for those fortunate enough to work on it”, said Playboy Enterprises CEO Scott Flanders on a statement. Instagram model Sarah McDaniel will be on the cover of its newly designed issue while Dree Hemingway will be as the magazine’s centerfold.

Photo: THEO WENNER/PLAYBOY/The Huffington Post
Photo: THEO WENNER/PLAYBOY/The Huffington Post

The latest Playboy issue also intends to reach a higher crowd by using a Snapchat reference in the magazine’s cover. With as many as 36% of Americans using Snapchat currently it is wise from Playboy to use it to promote their image. Rebranding strategies have work for other companies in the past, yet time will tell if Playboy choose the right move to increase its sales.

Playboy’s Magazine, founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner, had announced it would stop publishing nude photos of women in October 2015. It is important to make clear there are still naked women in this newly printed issue. However, photos of nude women now have a more artistic feel to it and are more concealing.

Now, Dree Hemingway, great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway posed with and without clothes for the latest edition of Playboy. The company is simply shaking the world’s media in order to gain attention, thus, increasing sales and the brand’s promotion.

Playboy’s chief content officer Cory Jones confirmed the transition to a more conservative product intends to target a younger audience. “A year and a half ago, we re-launched Playboy.com as a safe-for-work site, and traffic skyrocketed 400 percent”. “The average age of our visitors dropped from 47 years old to 30. It showed how the brand can still resonate”, he added.

The new printed version of Playboy will hit newsstands as soon as next Friday, as a somewhat saucier version of magazines like CQ, or Esquire. Whether the new image of Playboy will have any effect on younger readers, it’s too early to tell. Playboy’s classic “sexy” cartoons as well as the racy ads at the back of the magazine were removed from the latest edition.

Source: The New York Times