Math, stats, and other data are so prevalent in today’s gambling that it isn’t even funny. Heck, math has always been present In gambling and betting, but a lot of people just didn’t know they were using it. There are many gambling activities based so strongly on mathematics that one number could be the difference between one way or betting another. Just because you can tie certain probabilities and odds to specific gambling tasks, it doesn’t mean that you’ll come out a winner every time. In fact, if history has proven anything, it’s proven that the opposite is true. That said, there are still some mathematical facts that every gambler needs to know about when it comes to sports betting.

Mathematical Facts That You Didn’t Know Were Tied To Sports Betting

The Vig Will Get You Every Time

Have you noticed how there is also a vig tied to gambling? Maybe some call it a vig, others might call it a betting fee. Whatever you want to call it, it is an extra charge of cash that you’ll never get back. Just say that you were betting with a friend and you were betting $100 on each game. When the game is over, one of you stand to win or lose $100. This means that if you played 500 games and won 250 of them, both you and your friend would break even. This isn’t the case with online casinos of bookies because there is that vig you have to pay in. Instead of betting $100 to potentially win $100, you usually end up betting $110 or $120 to potentially win $100. This is something that can really eat away at your bankroll and potential earnings over time.

It Doesn’t Matter Without The Lines

The goal of evaluating any sporting event is to find the value in the bet. You need to discover where the bet will eventually lead to long-term gain for you. This might sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised to learn about the players that overlook this crucial step when betting with sites like idn poker. That being said, it is oftentimes hard to tell if a specific contest offers value by just evaluating it. No, you have to compare the lines. For instance, if you find yourself evaluating an NBA game and determine that one team should win by 4 if there isn’t a 4, 3, or 5, line, there simply isn’t any value in the bet. If you end up trying to force the contest and the line, you are just going to end up losing money.,

Small Profits Are The Way To Go

Most people just dream of winning 80% of the 90% that they bet overall. Unfortunately, the sad truth of the matter is that most sports gamblers never learn how to win more than 50 to 52% of their point spread wagers. Even the pros struggle with this. A win percentage of 55% is extremely rare and only a handful of sports gamblers in the world have proven to be able to reach such heights. Most people think that they can bet small, and win small to keep from losing big, but the truth of the matter is that it is better to bet big one time and take that big loss and move on, rather than take a bunch of small loses.