People usually form huge “must-read” lists and promise themselves that they will start reading a book today. But this “today” often switches to the next day and then delay to eternity. The desired books are left untouched since we find justifications, such as loads of work, meetings with friends, the need to sleep more, and so on.

How to Make Yourself Read More Books with Pleasure

Of course, it’s often more pleasant and enjoyable to spend time outside or claim a casino bonus UK and spin the reel in your favorite slot. And when reading, most of the time is spent reading articles and publications for work, and there is neither time nor energy left for fiction. But it is worth remembering that reading fiction is very exciting. In addition, such books are great for developing horizons and imagination, allowing you to be a versatile person.

Reading is also a kind of work, as it stimulates the brain. After a hard day, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on even a few sentences. Now we will share the secrets of motivating yourself to read and do it with pleasure.

Try Reading Before Going to Bed

Most people now fall asleep with smartphones in their hands, which is not the best idea since it worsens the quality of their rest. On the other hand, reading a book is the best option! Put an exciting novel on the bedside table and make it a pleasant habit. According to Forbes, even a busy entrepreneur could find some time for a good book, so just pick an exciting story.

Find the Most Exciting Genres and Topics

People often strive to read the trendiest stories that have recently become bestsellers or are recommended by experts or friends. However, it’s a common mistake. It’s important to choose precisely what you are interested in and not consider other opinions. In such an instance, you will be really involved in the plot rather than mechanically turn pages.

Make a Break on the Most Exciting Moments

When something interesting happens in a film or book, we always find it hard to interrupt, but it’s one of the best ways to guarantee that you will continue reading later. This thick is actively used by series creators who prefer ending an episode with intrigue. This makes viewers wait for the next one with great impatience. The same works with reading, so check this method.

Start With a Few Time Spend on Reading

If you haven’t been reading for a long time, don’t try to make yourself sit for many hours in front of the book. Start from several pages or set a timer for 5-10 minutes. But the main rule here is not to interrupt the process: do not be distracted by the phone, household chores, and so on. Then, gradually increase your time with a book, and you will not notice how you fall in love with reading!

Stop Reading If You Don’t Like the Book

Remember that you learn to read for pleasure and do not need to study the school curriculum again. Don’t like the book? Don’t waste time and put it aside to start something new and more involving. You shouldn’t chase the amount of reading, you don’t participate in a marathon, do you? Choose only what you are really interested in and spend time with pleasure.

Choose Paper Books to Electronic Versions

Of course, reading from a smartphone or tablet is much more convenient, and most modern people pick this option. Numerous platforms, such as Scribd, provide thousands of novels and stories for all tastes and preferences. However, nothing can replace the feeling when you open a new book, smell it, and dip into the exciting story.