Cryptocurrencies have found their way into the huge multinational world of online casinos. There are numerous sites that handle classic games such as blackjack, roulette, and even sports betting. Crypto ball games that run on a decentralized platform are also available. If you’re interested in learning more about cryptocurrency betting, this tutorial will teach you whatever you need to grasp.

How To Bet Online Using Crypto
Pierre Borthiry

Crypto betting, as the name suggests, is a form of digital gambling. Instead of using typical methods of payment like a prepaid card or an e-wallet, you’ll be using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dash to gamble. Crypto betting sites work in a similar way to any other internet gambling website in many aspects.

Benefits of Using Crypto when Betting

The concept behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that they should be able to do all of the functions of real money, but with far less trouble. The reality that not many people and companies are ready to accept it as a form of payment is currently preventing it from attaining its complete capacity. They’re missing out on the amazing advancements that crypto can offer.

Let’s start off with the most obvious advantage of using cryptocurrency. Privacy and safety. When you pay for something with a credit card or a direct debit, for instance, you are essentially providing an absurd amount of financial and private information. Even if you only wish to buy something for two dollars, the merchant has access to your entire bank account. Cryptocurrency is based on a different mechanism called the blockchain. As a result, cryptocurrency transactions are a lot more secure and most importantly anonymous (Source:

The second best thing when using cryptocurrency is that there are no additional fees to pay. Third-party payment processing fees can be significant, especially for businesses that need to process credit card transactions. With a bitcoin transaction, the bettor no longer pays any fees, and the buyer only pays small fees, if there are any.

And last but not least, cryptocurrency is used internationally. This can be great especially if you are using a sports betting site that is not in your locality or if you want to bet on a national sports team you would normally have to pay a fee for it being way outside of your area. However, you should always consider placing your wager on your local sports team or whatever you’re betting your money on!

Sports Betting Sites That Offer Crypto Payments

Quick payment methods, cheap charges, and a greater assortment of games to play with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have made Bitcoin and crypto sportsbooks more tempting. I have listed some great sportsbooks that offer crypto payments.

  1. BetCoin

The best thing about BetCoin is that customers have the option to sign up and play completely anonymously, all you need is an email to register. It has quite a good reputation seeing as it was only established in early 2016. With outstanding customer service reviews and little to no complaints.

  1. FortuneJack

Their goal was to create an offering that combined all of their principles as well as the most pleasurable features of the area all under one roof. The fact that FortuneJack Casino additionally offers binary stock trading in addition to its standard betting alternatives is one of the many distinctive traits of this product. AnyBet, a bitcoin price gambling system, is also in effect. There are also top casino games from some of the best programmers today, in addition to these revolutionary features.

  1. RocketPot

RocketPot appeals mostly to their clients who love to play slots. It has a huge attractive welcome bonus that comes with a daily cashback offer and over 4,000 games to bet on. This site was launched in just 2018 but the flawless security system and a number of games, sporting events, etc. to bet on are more than enough!

  1. SportsBet

SportsBet is quite popular among Australians. It launched way back in 1994 and now offers a fantastic range of markets to choose from – over 40 sports, Australian horse racing, and Jockey challenges. It offers some original features that most sports betting sites don’t. They offer a 200 euro bonus to their newcomers, a daily cashback offer as well as an early payout system. SportsBet is constantly coming up with brand new promotions and prizes for their customers – so be on the lookout!

So why should you use crypto when betting?

If I haven’t seemed to convince you enough already… As I had already stated before, Bitcoin may be one of the safest digital currencies available. It has incredibly fast and anonymous payments. Gamblers in this case can easily fund their accounts or withdraw their winnings whenever they want. Bitcoin is literally driven for online use. It eliminates the need for giving in an unnecessary amount of information. Overall, it guarantees a very high level of privacy and efficiency.