Offering customers free trials and subscriptions are an excellent marketing tool. It allows customers to become familiar with a product or service without having to commit with hard cash. Let’s take a look at how various companies offer freebies to attract new clients.

How the Entertainment Industry Attracts Customers with Free Offers

Free trials

Free trials are one of the most popular ways companies attract new customers. These trials provide potential clients with the opportunity to try out a product or service without committing themselves. Peloton, the exercise equipment company, offers a 30-day home trial for first-time purchasers, so potential customers can try out the Peloton bikes and treads along with the online classes. If customers aren’t convinced, the company offers a full refund of the entire order. This includes delivery and set up with free pick up. This comes amid reports that the company is lowering the cost of its bikes and treadmills and raising subscription fees.

Another area of the entertainment industry also uses free offers to bring in new customers. Casinos provide free spin offers to allow potential customers to test out slot games without any pressure or the need to use their own money. This is particularly beneficial to gambling companies as it enables them to gain an edge in a very competitive industry, especially in the US, in states such as New Jersey. Offers like this may be the deciding factor that will pull in customers from other competitors.

Another area of the entertainment industry to offer customers free trials is the subscription streaming service Hulu. Customers who select either the ad-free or ad-supported plans are given the first month free. When the trial period ends, prices of $12.99 a month for the ad-free subscription and $6.99 a month for the ad-supported subscription apply.

Not to be outdone, Amazon offers a free 30-day trial for both Amazon Prime and Kindle. The Amazon Prime trial offers free delivery, TV shows, and exclusive access to Prime Day, the company’s biggest sale of the year. Another advantage of Prime to customers is that it includes a selection of free games. The Kindle trial provides customers with unlimited access to millions of books, thousands of audiobooks, and a selection of magazine subscriptions on any device. Both trials can be canceled at any time.

Free subscriptions

Several companies offer free subscriptions. Fitbit offers a 90-day trial to its premium membership, which can be used on iOS and Android devices. Fitbit premium offers several advantages over the free Fitbit app, including the sleep score breakdown, over 200 workouts, and premium challenges, which provide special activity challenges and add fun to the achievement of goals. Some vendors offer a one-year subscription to Fitbit premium when customers buy fitness watches.

Free upgrades

Apple also offers free iPhone upgrades through its iPhone Upgrade Program, which means customers can upgrade to the latest model of iPhone each year. When members of the program have made the equivalent of 12 payments, they are eligible for a new iPhone.

So, we can see that free trials, subscriptions, and upgrades are popular ways for companies to attract new customers. The free trials and subscriptions enable customers to try out a product or service before committing themselves.