Whether you are a gambler, an athlete, a gambling provider, or just an Average Joe, you’ve likely noticed the impact that gambling and sports betting has had over the past couple of years. Believe it or not, your life has probably even been impacted by gambling and sports betting in some way. Even if it is ever so slight that you don’t notice it, there is a good chance that gambling has impacted your life. It could have been so slight that you didn’t even notice it, but gambling’s probably impacted you. Whether it was a reduction in taxes because your state adopted online gambling or it was that gambling is now approved for in-stadium betting at local arenas, you’ve been impacted by gambling.

Hollywood Casino More Than Quadruples Online Casino Revenue

The Impact Of COVID On Gambling

If you take the above information, there is also no denying that all the same individuals, including the gambling industry has been impacted by this recent pandemic. While COVID has impacted different people on different levels, there is simply no denying that it’s impacted gambling the hardest. In fact, it has caused most land-based providers to close up shop, hurting the overall state and revenue production of the industry. A loss of revenue in the industry not only impacts the industry itself, but it impacts local states and citizens as well. COVID without a doubt have a major negative impact on the sports and gambling world, as it has brought both to a grinding halt. Revenues when for the millions to literally being non-existent.

Hollywood Casino Makes Huge Leaps

When land-based casinos were forced to close up shop and no longer had sports betting revenues to rely on, they were left sitting on their hands, looking for ways to bring in more profits. This is why they took to the world of online gambling. While land-based gambling providers were forced to close shop because of COVID and social-distancing rules, online casinos like https://www.asg55.com/slots.html were allowed to run rampant. And, that is just what they did. One in particular was the Hollywood Casino.

This one-time major land-based gambling provider is building itself into one of the largest online providers around. It only took a month and the implementation of an iPhone app. In the month of August, the Hollywood Casino was bringing up the rear of the rankings in the PA revenue report. Today, they are the new leader, bringing in even more revenue than predicted.

The Only Provider Around

It is truly amazing just what a single month and an iPhone app can make. However, one of the leading factors that have caused the Hollywood Casino to catapult in popularity and revenue is the fact that it is the only casino in Pennsylvania with an iPhone App. What’s even more impressive is that the app launched with 5 games. And, it was only a month ago that it launched, creating little to no fanfare. Many didn’t have huge hopes for the company and its new endeavor, but they are now accounting for nearly 2 million of the 4 million in revenue from online slots and table games.