Almost everyone, if not everyone, wants to be safe and secure online. Even online gamblers feel the need for it. This is why a lot of people are going for programs offering privacy and safety from prying eyes and attackers on the internet. By using these services or features, people feel safer and more secure while online. But do all of them offer the security that people believe they do?

Does Incognito Browsing Make Online Betting Safe?

If you are an online gambler, security and privacy are also one of your top concerns. After all, this is real money and your personal information that is at hand. While there are many ways and methods to ensure your security, you can start by going with a trusted online casino or online sportsbooks. You can find a list from containing the most reviewed betting apps and sites you can choose from.

In the meantime, let us talk about the incognito mode, one of the most popular browsing modes that a lot of people use for a lot of purposes. Can it make online betting safer and more secure?

What is incognito browsing?

Incognito browsing, or called Private Browsing in some other web browsers, is a mode in the browser wherein a new alternative browsing window is opened wherein the user can browse the internet without the browsing saving the usual browsing data that it normally would. These data can include cache, cookies, browsing history, and more.

How does incognito browsing work? Whenever you open a web browser and browse the internet–no matter if it is Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browsers–some data get collected from your browsing activity and can either be saved or viewed by you or anyone that uses the same computer. One example is the record of the sites you have visited or your browsing history. Another is the cache or the saved data from all the accounts that you have logged on in the browser. A list of the files downloaded from your session is also kept. When you go into incognito mode, all of these data would not be saved and recorded–no chase saved, no history recorded, and no downloads added to the list (the files, however, are kept).

Due to these reasons, this model appeals to a lot of people for various reasons. Those who are into online casinos or online sports betting may use this mode thinking that they would be safe, and their information would be safe from prying eyes on the internet. However, the truth is that that is not the case in using this model.

What incognito mode cannot do for you

There are a lot of other things that incognito mode can do for you aside from not saving your browser activity on the computer. Aside from possible benefits when it comes to online gambling, one more example is helping you save on online shopping or online booking. Using your cache and cookies on the sites you visit, booking a flight can be more expensive. The more you check on a certain room or flight, the tendency is for the website to ramp up the price, since you always checking it out means that you are more likely to eventually book than others. On the other hand, without browsing data, they cannot do that to you.

However, incognito does not keep you safe from prying eyes on the internet. It can help you be safe from prying eyes on your local computer, but not from online attackers. The websites you visit, as well as your internet service provider, can still keep track of your browsing activity, view your IP address, MAC address, and all other digital footprints that can be traced back to you.