How does having some coffee brewed and served by a robot barista sound to you right now? It’s no joke, the food industry has already made the plunge into AI and automation and they are not afraid to explore all the remarkable perks that artificial intelligence and robots come with. Having a mug with an old friend could soon mean no more sitting in massive lines, enjoying the same identical flavor of your favorite beverages, based on your preset preferences that the robot baristas will use and making clients happier while giving managers critical consumer traffic data, letting them what are the most popular coffees products and a lot more. Sounds like a win-win, no?

Can We Expect Artificial Intelligence To Replace Us?

However, we cannot help but wonder if the introduction of AI will completely remove the intimacy or personal factor and make us lose the simple joys of buying a coffee on our way to work on during lunch break. The small barista chit chat you are used to while waiting for your cappuccino to brew would become a thing of the past, or it could be replaced with a robotized voice attempting to imitate the conversation carried with a human barista.

AI has already become a part of our daily life as many companies are using it for programming, research, and more, while those who still don’t use AI, such as Playigo, are expected to start using it sooner than later. Robot security or informative robots at the entryway of a restaurant are just a few more examples of activities where AI and robots could soon start to replace human employees. Are the lower labor expenses and the boosted efficiency truly worth it? Can we expect the human touch to become obsolete in the upcoming years and will that affect the human race? According to experts, AI will most likely begin to work together with the human-based workforce, instead of having them completely replaced. If you haven’t paid any real attention to the continuous developments in the field of advanced technologies, here is an insightful briefing that should put you up-to-date with everything going at the moment.

Are The Machines Ready To Take Over?

Self-learning machines are already in use by three-quarters of consumers at a global level. These machines are effectively observing our lifestyles and gradually copying the way tasks are performed. Some would argue that this means letting robots take over our lives. Is this type of change beneficial or worth considering? Ranging from college students to scientists and people who run genuine business empires, everyone who uses AI seems to paint an optimistic picture of a future where humans and robots will coexist. They all believe we are just years away from seeing this happening. So what about all the jobs that humans will lose as a result of the AI-based robotization processes? Most people think that AI will actually create more jobs than it will eliminate. However, it is certain that job losses will occur. What we cannot foresee is the actual damage and timeframe for these negative consequences while making the switch to AI. There is also the fear that the amazing technology could be used by people with bad intentions to divide the wealthy and influential from the less fortunate.

In reality, humans will continue to play a significant role in the process of implementing AI as well as delivering incommensurable value that robots will not be able to offer. In other words, we still have a long way to go until we experiment with those futuristic SciFi movie scenarios with flying cars and robots completely taking over. Sure a robot roulette croupier might be more effective, affordable, generate zero problems, or never get tired and require a day off. However, most people go to land casinos to experiment the live experience, watch the dealers spin those wheels and throw the dice in front of their eyes, watch their facial expressions while letting them know they had won, having small conversations and even bonding, creating a sense of familiarity that a robot will find it almost impossible to imitate. The newest online casinos offer live casino poker, roulette, or blackjack rooms with real-life, human croupiers and dealers in brick-and-mortar gambling rooms, being filmed with HD cameras and offering players at home the most realistic experiences possible.

While we can imagine robots and more AI applications to improve lots of aspects of our gambling preferences, the way we shop or drink our coffee, we believe it is safe to say that human employees will not be completely replaced by robots anytime soon.

Humans are creative, insightful, unpredictable and they have a sense of awareness that is impossible to be reproduced by a robot, and AI still has a long way to go. We can expect, however, for AI to do a good job at handling complicated and lengthy tasks and give companies more time to make decisions that are more critical, due to the machines busy handling most of the groundwork.