If you are like most gamblers today, you are likely finding yourself online more and more. Whether it be catching a stream of your favorite teams going at it head to head or placing a last-minute bet, you are likely doing it online. Well, this is because it is nearly the only option available today. COVID has forced most land-based providers to close up shop with no sights of reopening. While some are starting to open back up, they are no doubt feeling the negative effects of losing business to the online world. People are now not wanting to come back.

Best Online Casino Bonuses For 2020

Whether it be the sheer convenience of online betting or the fear of social-distancing, there really are a number of reasons to pick the online world over the land-based sector. One of them would be online bonuses.

Know What You Want

Online providers these days are using the bonuses to compete with each other. When one offers a lucrative bonus, the other tries to outdo it with something different or similar but better. Whatever the situation, providers are always going to be trying to one-up the other. This is there for you to take advantage of! However, you can’t unless you really know what you are looking for.

With the wide range of providers available today and the wide range of games, there are now more and more types of bonuses available than ever before. You’ll find bonuses made for the slot player. You’ll find bonuses for the poker player. And, there are some sites that even offer bonuses for the new and existing players. You have to know exactly what you are looking for if you want to truly take advantage. Know the games you intend to play and when you intend to play them.

Free Spins

Speaking of slot players, here is one bonus that is tailor-made for such players This one is commonly offered by slot giants like Tangkasnet, and it pretty much means that the name suggests. It gives the player a free spin or several free spins at the slot machines. The thing here to keep in mind is, some of these online providers require wagering requirements on bonuses like this. This means that before you can claim any winning on this bonus, you’ll have had to bet so much money in advance. For instance, if you hit the jackpot with your free spin, you might not be able to claim that jackpot until you’ve wagered 20% of what that bonus was worth.

Do Deposit Bonus

With the immense amount of sites and providers available today, people like to test specific casinos and features before fully committing. And, there is nothing wrong with this. These are, in fact, the times where the no deposit bonus comes in handy. This one will allow you to get in that casino without putting any money down and giving their services a try. You’ll get to get in that casino, play the games, interact with the members, make sure there is no lag, and see everything that is offered. It’s basically a try before you buy a type of deal.