There’s been a lot of debate regarding the use of smartphones lately. There’s no doubt that portable technology has re-shaped our daily life and the ways we experience the world.

Man Showing Video On Smartphone

It’s also hard to deny the positive effects of small devices. We now use them for everything save for physical contact and eating. They make our lives more efficient in this way.

Of course, an extended usage and dependence on smartphones and their technology can harm us in the long run. However, not everything is so black.

Undeniably Positive Effect of Smartphones

Most people agree that mobiles today change our human lives in undeniably positive ways. We would like to challenge you to prove us wrong. These definitely positive changes are:

  1. The development of many life-hacking apps
  2. A quick way to make purchases in daily life
  3. An option to stay connected in any situation

First, let us show you what we know and then discuss our point. Whether you spend 5 hours or just 30 minutes browsing your phone each day, you won’t be able to counteract these arguments.

1. The Rise of Life-Hacking Apps

First of all, the emergence and mind-blowing popularity of mobile phones created a brand new industry. It offered grounds for technological improvement and eventually led to many breakthroughs in programming.

This has resulted in a number of amazing apps. These pieces of software can do tasks we never imagined possible for a device to accomplish.

Some popular examples are:

  • Shazam
  • Google SkyMap
  • Google Goggles
  • TheTake App
  • Sanity

There are many more examples that are simply too good to be true. The bottom line is this:

We can do much more with our smartphones than we ever could without them.

This software allows us to access information about anything we can think of and analyze it for us. Even if that information is literally just something you’re observing in real life.

2. Quick and Effortless Purchases

Another undeniable advantage of the smartphone is that it can now replace all other payment methods. With the newest apps, you may use your phone as a bank card or a phone bill service.

You may pay by phone on an NFC terminal and make online transactions across various systems. Authorized and encrypted software allows switching between your multiple sources in a matter of seconds.

Using a single app and just a few taps with your finger, you could save much of your precious time. Make mobile deposits at a phone bill casino. Then, order plane tickets for your next trip and pay for your dinner at a local restaurant. All that can be covered with a single solution.

3. Always Stay Connected – If You Wish

The third and obvious advantage is that you don’t have to get offline. Ever. This may lead many people to believe that such easy access to the internet can harm us. However, as long as we stay in control of our own habits, this is an undeniable benefit.

Of course, the web has been open and unlimited to us for decades now. Yet, smartphones allow experiencing it in a whole new way now.

No matter what you do, you can stay connected to your friends, family, and colleagues. It’s not that you’ll die if you lose your connection for a second. However, you can never know when you might need someone’s ear.

So, smartphones give freedom, flexibility and more control over your life. To us, that’s a definite proof that we’ve come a long way forward since the pre-smartphone era.