Only hours after Fergie dropped out her new song, she released on Friday the music video for M.I.L.F.$ featuring Kim Kardashian and other celebrity moms.

Fergie’s new star-studded video shows off the hottest side of the artist and one of the Hollywood moms who joined in it. Fergie decided to change the original idea of “Milf” as part of a personal tribute to celebrity moms. In Fergie’s song, MILFS $ is an acronym standing for “Moms I’d Like to Follow.”

Fergie's new video featuring sexy and famous moms has a female-empowering message as M.I.L.F.$ stands for Mother I'd Love to Follow. Image Credit: Idolator
Fergie’s new video featuring sexy and famous moms has a female-empowering message as M.I.L.F.$ stands for Mother I’d Love to Follow. Image Credit: Idolator

“Changing the acronym to Moms I’d Like To Follow is about empowering women who do it all. They have a career, a family, and still find the time to take care of themselves and feel sexy. With a wink of course :)” said the former Black Eyed Peas star in an interview for Entertainment Weekly.

On her Twitter account, Fergie also expressed her pleasure about working with “Goddesses”. She used the tag #AllMyGirlsOnFleek to state her satisfaction of producing a video with such professional, powerful women.

In the video, Fergie gathered celebrity moms to display the female power side. With the appearances of Kim Kardashian, Ciara and models Chrissy Teigen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gemma Ward, Devon Aoki, Angela Lindvall, Isabeli Fontana, Amber Valletta, “Fergalicious” singer aimed to return to pop world hotter than ever.

“M.I.L.F. $” is the first single from Fergie’s second solo album “Double Dutchess” coming out later this year. It will be the second solo album for Fergie almost ten years after she launched her first one “The Dutchess” in 2006.

Kim Kardashian showers in milk in Fergie’s saucy new video

In Fergie’s new video, Kim Kardashian has a sexy cameo in which the two children mom showers in milk while wearing gold high heels and a skimpy latex outfit. Kim also appeared wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Got Milf?”

It seems like the KUWTK star stole the show in Fergie’s new video with her scene in the milk’s shower. Kim Kardashian has always tried to be known as a sex icon. However, it is probably the closest she has reached her goal.

“This video was so much fun to make!!! Getting together with Fergie and my friends to do glam for the M.I.L.F. $ video was epic! The legendary B. Akerlund killed it with the styling. Do you guys see those 10-inch gold heels I had to wear in the milk shower?! It was not easy, but I think it looks hot. We shot this all day, then I got on a plane and flew to New York to shoot the GQ cover the next morning. It was the craziest week!” wrote Kim regarding her experience as a milky sexy mom.

“M.I.L.F. $” video also features model Chrissy Teigen feeding her baby, Luna, and hanging out with the rest of the MILF girls around the Milfville neighborhood. The video depicts the daily routine of the MILFs while being naturally sexy.

Source: Complex